YouTube TV has now arrived!

YouTube TV has now arrived and the first thing I was offered as I created an account and signed up for YouTube TV was to watch Big Bang Theory. Isn’t that great?

With Big Bang Theory a new era in TV watching has arrived. They are making it easy both to watch live streams from all the TV channels available in the package, and in addition you can easily record and watch any program on demand, whenever you want to watch them. I am not sure for how long you can keep those recordings, because if you can keep them forever, then this would make it a perfect way to store all episodes of all your favorite TV series forever.

The Big Bang Theory on YouTUbe TV
I am watching The Big Bang Theory on YouTube TV

Will YouTube TV bring an end to CBS All Access?

It probably want, but it is sure that CBS All Access users with a YouTube TV account, will probably not need both of these. Since you will get almost everything you want from CBS on YouTube TV, you might want to cancel your CBS All Access account, at least if you are up to date and only use CBS All Access to watch new episodes of all your favorite TV series.

I still haven’t tried YouTube TV very much, but I am in the process of doing so, and since I am located outside the US, I had to follow these tricks in order to make my browser believe that I was located in the USA. If you have the same trouble, I recommend that you read the article referred to in the link.

Are you going to give YouTube TV a try? Have you tried it already? What do you think?


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