Watch Scorpion throughout the summer

It was just a few weeks ago that I bumped into Scorpion on Netflix. I sounded cool and therefore I watched an episode. That single episode has now turned into ten, and I am a big fan of Scorpion as of now.

It didn’t take me much time to discover the fact that Scorpion is a CBS series. That shouldn’t be a big surprise, after all CBS is the network behind lots of my favorite TV shows, together with NBC. On CBS I really do enjoy watching Elementary, Scorpion and of course Big Bang Theory. And I almost forget, but The Odd Couple is very light weighted humor that I often enjoy a lot. That is why a CBS All Access subscription is really valuable, because there you can watch all these series and new episodes just as they have been released.

Scorption on CBS

I do have some trouble actually getting access to CBS All Access and create an account from abroad, but I will look into that and try to fix it within shortly. So, if you have trouble with that like me for some reason, come back to this blog for a troubleshooting article which will be released within a week or two (hopefully I will have found a solution by then).

Why should I watch Scorpion?

You might not like Scorpion, but I believe it to be a quite family friendly and nice TV series with a mixture of smart guys, humor and action. It tells us about Walter O Brian, a guy with an IQ of 197 (while Einstein only had an IQ of 160). He and his crew is working for the FBI and helping them solve special crimes where their high IQ and logic is needed.

There is little actual violence in this show, there is no sexual scenes (at least there hasn’t been any so far) and there is lots of humor. I really enjoy this. And yes, new episodes of Scorpion are broadcasted on CBS now throughout the summer, meaning that you have something to look forward to every single week on CBS, also throughout the summer.

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