While we wait for the Academy Awards

The time for the Academy Awards is approaching. The waiting period has been shortened by the Grammy Awards and the Golden Globe, but with only 12 days left for the Academy Awards, you better stay prepared.

But, what can you do as you wait for the Academy Awards on February 26th? There are loads of TV shows to watch, and one that seems to be really interesting to me is the new CBS program named Hunted. In this program we follow several couples who have to go totally undercover. They are then being followed by cops, who do their uttermost to find them and catch them. Is it easy to stay in the world and live in the world, without being detected? How easy is it to stay hidden, when someone with serious resources are doing their uttermost to find you? This is what you can find out as you watch Hunted on CBS. And yes, if you have a CBS All Access subscription you can watch it online!

Hunted on CBS
Watch Hunted on CBS

Another thing to do before the Academy Awards

Another great way to spend your time before the Academy Awards, is by watching the movies actually capable of winning statues. That of course includes watching La La Land, a movie that the audience in general find boring, while the critics love it. Manchester By the Sea is another production that might end up with quite a lot of statues. It has received better audience score than La La Land, but still a quite special movie that lots of people will end up not liking. And then there is Hacksaw Ridge, the Mel Gibsn movie about a pacifist who goes to war without weapons. You can now watch these and other movies on Amazon.com (and other movie portals). But, to be honest, I guess I will just watch Jack Reacher and XXX instead, those movies are more after my taste!

But, where will you watch the Academy Awards on February 26th? Want to watch the event online? Find out more about how and where it can be done right here.

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