Soon you can watch CBS on YouTube TV

Would you like to cancel your CBS All Access subscription? Would you like to watch CBS live without a cable subscription? YouTube TV is right around the corner!

With YouTube TV right around the corner, you might actually consider cancelling your CBS All Access subscription. Maybe you don’t, but as of now, I actually consider cancelling my subscription in the near future. I will only find out if it is worth doing or not in the moment I actually get to try YouTube TV, but it sounds very promising.

The upcoming YouTube TV promises unlimited DVR storage and at the same time access to CBS, Fox, NBC and ABC. Since all my favorite TV series are created and broadcasted at these networks, I will get access to these with my YouTube TV subscription in the future. And yes, they have promised to give unlimited DVR storage. I can in other words record all episodes of all my favorite CBS shows, and watch them whenever I want to in the future.

How complicated will the DVR function be to use?

The biggest question for me when it comes to YouTube TV is the  how hard it will be to use the DVR function. They can make the job very easy, and if they do, I will be very happy. Let us say that you want to record an episode of The Big Bang Theory. Now YouTube TV can suggest that you automatically record ALL upcoming episodes of The Big Bang Theory as well. If they do, they have made a great job, and made it much easier to use their service. You only tell them to record all episodes, and in the future you do not have to remember to record each new episode from week to week. And later you can watch each new episode, whenever you want to.

Since I live in Europe I will not be able to watch the live broadcasts from ABC, NBC, Fox and CBS, and therefore the DVR function is the most crucial function to YouTube TV, the way I see it.

Can YouTube TV make a knockout on both Hulu and CBS All Access?

I have already described how I question whether I will keep my CBS All Access subscription if YouTube TV turns out to be a great success. In the same way I ask the question whether or not I should keep my Hulu subscription. Since my favorite shows that I follow on Hulu are from these big networks, I do not actually need my Hulu subscription either if YouTube TV has a good DVR function. And if I cancel both my CBS All Access and my Hulu subscription, I have already saved 24 USD per month, which almost makes up for the 35 USD per month fee for YouTube TV.

Can YouTube TV become the new sports solution as well?

I do not know much about this yet, but it is said that you can pay a bit extra in order to get access to lots of sports on YouTube TV. If this turns out to be true, then maybe YouTube TV can make a knockout on my Fubo TV subscription as well, though I have a hard time believing that they will be able to give me as good a service with so much sports as I get with Fubo TV.

Watching YouTube TV abroad

I have this page here to tell you how to watch CBS All Access from abroad. I have other pages telling how you can watch Hulu from abroad and Fubo TV from abroad. But, how can you watch YouTube TV from abroad? The service has not yet been launched, but the IP Address Guide has already prepared a guide for the future question, so to find out how you can access and sign up for YouTube TV outside the USA, just press the link.


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