Should I watch The Twilight Zone or Black Mirror?

The CBS show The Twilight Zone has turned very popular. A lot of people compare it with the Netflix original Black Mirror, and so the question comes up; should I watch The Twilight Zone on CBS All Access or Black Mirror on Netflix?

I do not consider myself to be an expert of TV series, so I will first of all suggest that you take a look at the following YouTube video in which Brainpilot explains why he does prefer Black MIrror to The Twilight Zone.

I haven’t watched the newest episodes of Black Mirror (they were released on June 5th in 2019), but I have watched almost all the other episodes. The Netflix show is a very interesting way to discuss the modern technology and how it influences the world in which we live today. Not only does it influence the way in which we live, but it is also taken further to see what would happen if it got even more advanced. In most cases, the results are terrifying and we end up worse off than without the new technology.

And then you have The Twilight Zone on CBS All Access. The stories aren’t as “possible” as the ones you see in Black Mirror. Here we meet storylines about people being terminated and simply taken out of the universe whenever a comedian starts speaking about them. The concept is interesting, but it cannot be compared to the more realistic concepts we are presented with in Black Mirror. I consider this to be one of the bigger problems in The Twilight Zone, simply because it doesn’t become as scary and “this could be us” feeling. After watching Black Mirror you often get scared and feel uncomfortable, simply because it is so close to our current reality. But, that isn’t really so with The Twilight Zone on CBS.

Is The Twilight Zone better than Black Mirror?
Watching The Twilight Zone on CBS All Access

Now, these are just some of my thoughts on the matter. But, the best thing you can do is to watch both series for yourself and then make up your own mind. You can easily stream Black Mirror in all Netflix regions and you can watch The Twilight Zone with a CBS All Access subscription. If you are located outside the USA, read this article to find out how you can watch CBS abroad.

What to stream on CBS this summer?

The summer holiday is coming up and maybe you are looking for something to stream on CBS? There is a total of 10 episodes of The Twilight Zone waiting for you on CBS All Access, so I suggest you get started right away. If you are eager to get even more action, why not check out Strange Angel, Bull, or maybe MacGyver on CBS All Access instead?

Which is your favorite CBS series?

Write a comment and let me know your thoughts about all the CBS series available out there. Tell me which is your favorite, and which series you miss? Personally, I deeply miss The Odd Couple, one of my favorite CBS series (the modern version) which was removed after its last season.

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