Person of Interest finale on June 21st

The Person of Interest season 5 is coming to an end on June 21st and that is not just the season finale, but also the finale of Person of Interest as no new seasons are coming up.

Person of Interest on CBS

If you are a fan of Person of Interest then you are for sure eager to watch the season finale as soon as possible. I must admit that I have not yet really watched Person of Interest, but it is an American science fiction crime drama. The 12th episode of season 5 aired on June 14th and on June 21st it is time for the last episode to be shown. It can be watched for free on the CBS website, so you do not even need an CBS All Access subscription to watch the latest episodes.

Person of Interest last episodes
Watch the last episodes of Person of Interest on CBS

If you want to watch all episodes from season 1 including season 4 then you can do so on American Netflix and in some other regions. The firs three seasons of Person of Interest can be seen in about 10 regions, but season 4 is currently only available on French and on US Netflix. You can get access to those regions following the instructions in this article on French Netflix or in this article on US Netflix.

Notice that you can also buy yourself a CBS All Access subscription and then you will be able to watch all seasons of Person of Interest on CBS. You can then also get access to it on Fire TV and on Apple TV, so a perfect tool if you want to watch it conveniently in your home.


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