Now you can stream CBS on Hulu as well!

For a long time it was impossible to watch any CBS series on Hulu. This recently changed, and now you can both record to DVR and watch CBS live on Hulu.

With the newly introduced Hulu Live TV you can now get access to more than 50 TV channels live on Hulu. This is the dream of cordcutters, and it means that you can stream Bull, Big Bang Theory and other CBS series live on the Hulu website. Well, you can not stream it on the website yet, since Windows and Mac is not supported for Hulu Live TV yet, but you can still stream it on Xbox, Chromecast, Apple TV and on Android/iOS systems.

If you do not want to stream CBS live, then you can still watch it on CBS All Access, and that is by far the best way if you only want to watch your favorite CBS shows on demand. Personally I do not want to stream content live, but only on demand, and thus it is much better for me to use the CBS All Access function instead of the Hulu Live TV function.

Hulu Live TV

There is however a big math question to all of this. Since I am a football fan I currently use Fubo TV. I also have a Hulu subscription and a CBS All Access subscription. If I do get a Hulu Live TV subscription instead, I will get all the same content, but at a lower price. For that reason I might actually save money still cancelling Fubo TV and CBS All Access, and thus watching all content on Hulu instead. But, that is still a question for the future. What matters most at the moment is the fact that I can stream CBS on Hulu, and that is a great thing for those who love Hulu and want to watch their favorite CBS shows at the platform.


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