The Man With a Plan has arrived!

Not all new TV series had their premieres in September. In fact October had some nice presents waiting for us and one of them was Man With a Plan!

For some reason CBS had several TV series coming up only in the end of October in 2016. Man With A Plan was not the only example, because in addition they launched Pure Genius and The Great Indoors. I have not watched to much of Pure Genius and The Great Indoors yet, but if I had to decide one TV series that I had to watch from this short list I would for sure go with Man With A Plan.

Watch Man With A Plan on CBS

What I like about Man With a Plan

There is little doubt that lots of people, especially parents, will laugh because they recognize their own actions and thoughts as they watch Man With A Plan. It isn’t easy to be a parent to three kids. They are demanding, they are loud, they do not obey and they never give you a moment of peace.

Matt LeBlanc is playing the character as the family dad who after 13 years has decided to help his wife get back to work. For that to happen he needs to work less, and instead take on the job as the new family guy. He takes his children to school and kindergarten, he picks them up afterwards, he makes sure that homework is done and he is even preparing their food. This is a good recipe for a disaster, at least when Matt LeBlanc is the father. But, that is what makes Man With A Plan funny and nice to watch.

It ain’t that original at all. You feel like most of the jokes have been used before and it does not contain big surprise elements. That is however quite nice if your only goal is to sit down in your coach to relax and just watch something on TV that is easy to digest. You could of course watch Elementary on CBS instead, but that requires some brain involvement, so Man With A Plan is easier if you feel tired and just want to watch something.

You can watch Man With A Plan on the CBS website. If you have a CBS All Access subscription you can watch it for free without any commercials (or with commercials, depending on your subscription type).

Why not check out the first episode and if you like it, watch the others as well? By the time I am writing this article the third episode has just aired and I must say that I look forward to the upcoming episodes! What about you? Have you seen Man With A Plan? Do you like Matt LeBlanc in his role? Is this a TV series for the future?

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