How did you like the first episode of The Young Sheldon?

It has been a while since the pilot episode of The Young Sheldon aired on CBS. Now we are waiting for the second episode to air, and for that, we have to wait until November 3rd. Are you looking forward to it?

I watched the first episode of The Young Sheldon on CBS a few days ago. It was quite late in the evening, I was tired, and I had just had a good time watching a Big Bang Theory episode. Afterwards, I thought I would continue with an episode of The Young Sheldon, and so I did. But, I might have been drained, but I had a tough time paying attention. I think I found the pilot episode to be a bit boring, and I must admit that Sheldon was a way to nice guy. He was so nice towards everyone, and the “harsh” humor I know from Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory was kind of missing. Maybe he was too young, but I don’t know.

Young Sheldon

So, I was exhausted and didn’t really enjoy the pilot episode that much. Does that mean that I will not be watching any future episodes of The Young Sheldon? Not at all. To judge a TV series, you need to watch at least 2-3 episodes. Most streaming services says that it takes about 5 episodes for someone to get hooked on a TV series, meaning that you need some patience for such a “miracle” to take place.

How did you like the first episode of The Young Sheldon?

I have shared my thoughts on the first episode of The Young Sheldon. Now I am very curious to hear your thoughts. Did you enjoy it? Did you find it boring? Did you find the child-version of Sheldon to be faithful to the adult version?

I would love to hear your thoughts and your comments!

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