Kevin can Wait – new TV series on CBS

This autumn will give us some great new TV series on CBS and Kevin can Wait is one of them. Kevin James plays the role as Kevin, a guy who just got retired and is ready to enjoy life!

Kevin can WAit on CBS

I have just watched the brand new Kevin can Wait trailer and my first impression is that it seems strange that Kevin would be retired that early, he looks way to young and fit, and so does his wife. But, that ain’t really that important. So, what is Kevin can Wait about? He has already laid big plans for a busy life as retired, hanging out with the guys, drinking and playing all day long. But, then his young daughter comes back and introduces him to her fiance, and that is not exactly the dream husband Kevin would have imagined for his daughter, and that is when the fun starts.

After watching the five minute trailer for Kevin can Wait it kind of reminds me of Full House that just got its new start on Netflix, now named Fuller House. It has some funny characters, but it is without a doubt Kevin James who is pulling the show and it seems to me as if he is doing it in a good way. Together with The Great Indoors this might be the best upcoming TV series on CBS for those who love pure comedy TV series. If you think Kevin can wait looks great then you can prepare for watching it online as you read my article on watching CBS overseas.

Kevin Can Wait is one out of 6 new shows that will come to CBS this autumn. I will for sure check out one or two episodes, but I do look more forward to Bull and Macgyver. You can read more about all of these upcoming CBS shows here at CBS News.

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