Is it possible to stream CBS in Central-Europe?

I am currently traveling to Europe and I will visit several Central-European countries such as Hungary, the Czech Republic, Austria, and more. Is it possible to stream CBS while in these countries? Is a CBS All Access subscription needed?

It is a very valid question and I know that lots of people want to stream their favorite CBS shows, also while traveling the world. My personal favorite might be The Young Sheldon currently, but that isn’t really what matters when answering this question!

The Young Sheldon on CBS

By default, CBS is blocked abroad

First of all, the programs available at the CBS website can only be streamed within the United States. So, you can try to stream them in Hungary or in Austria, or any other country in the world, and you will still see an error message. It doesn’t matter if it is a free program or one that can be streamed with CBS All Access… it will be blocked no matter what.

This is a so-called geo-block, and it is out there to protect the copyrights of CBS and its own programs. Because, many of the CBS programs are sold to other broadcasting networks in Europe, so if the Europeans could stream them on CBS, then it would cause an interest conflict. So, to make things easier, CBS blocks all of their content to people outside the United States.

So there is no way to stream CBS in Europe?

Well, it is possible to stream CBS in Europe, but it will need you to spend some money and use a so-called VPN application. If you want to have a CBS All Access subscription, in addition, you will also need to use a gift-card to purchase your subscription (at least if you do not have an American issued payment card available).

So far I have just said that there is a solution, but if you want to find out in detail how you can stream CBS and CBS All Access in Central-Europe, check the main article here at

There you will find all the instructions you need and it is really easy to follow them. You can also check the following video on YouTube to see how you can stream CBS All Access abroad (for dummies).

If you follow those instructions, you will be ready to stream CBS online worldwide in approximately 10 minutes from now. You can use it while in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, and in Austria.

But, do not forget to actually enjoy the cities you visit as well. I just checked the following list presenting some great dinner opportunities in Budapest, so I would rather eat some great food and have a good time, and watch the remaining episodes of The Young Sheldon, Bull, NCIS, Unicorn, and all the other CBS shows once I return back home.

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