God Friended Me S02 E04 review

I have greatly enjoyed the start of the second season of God Friended Me on CBS. I am watching it in Europe using CBS All Access, and it is great to get quick access to this series that seems to arrive very slowly to Europe. The fourth episode is titled All Those Yesterdays. But, is this a highlight or a rather boring story from the history of God Friended Me?

God Friended Me review

What I like about God Friended Me is that it is such a harmless series. It is simply about being nice and helping other people, making it a family-friendly series (which is seldom nowadays). However, it can easily happen to such series that they become boring, or just stupid. Luckily, that hasn’t happened to God Friended Me, but the fourth episode of season 2 (All Those Yesterdays) is one of the best attempts at being boring so far to me.

I almost never fall asleep watching TV, but this episode made me really tired. It is all about Joy who gets a new friend’s suggestion, her daughter. This in itself feels kind of stupid, because messing with your own daughter who has been given away in adoption is kind of messed up in the first place. I can easily understand why Joy wants to know more about her daughter, but I feel, personally, that this is kind of about crossing the line. In the same episode, she meets her daughter (almost telling her the truth), but Miles and Cara help her keep the truth back.

The daughter is sad because she wants to find out more about her roots. In the end, Joy tells the daughter about her grandfather, but that is all. Joy feels kind of happy and decides to return to her hometown and continue her work. In other words, her mission in discovering more about her daughter and knowing that she is safe seems to be over. But, it is still stupid, because any daugther who gets to know something about her grandfather would still be eager to find out more. And then, how did Joy manage to get that information? If she is smart, she might even wonder why Joy looked so much like her? It feels to me as if this episode was kind of stupid and crossing some lines when it comes to adoption that is dangerous to deal with… and it also was quite boring, meaning that I almost fell asleep.

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We can kiss, but cannot say I love you

For some reason, I am probably old-school, but it seems so stupid that Cara and Miles are fully capable of kissing, but Cara cannot tell Miles “I Love You.” How stupid is that? You just go around kissing, that is fine, but to say I love you, that is totally crazy? I would never kiss someone if I didn’t love them… so, I hope Cara will get a hold on herself and find out what she really wants because this is just stupid!

Have you seen many episodes of God Friended Me season 2?

How do you like the season so far? I feel like the hunt for “God” has been slightly calmed down, and it is much more about the cases themselves. I guess it is hard to keep them hunting for the God Account for episode after episode and season after season, when we all know that they will never be able to find out anything… after all, no person would be able to do it, and they will never claim to the viewers that there is an actual God doing it all. In other words, we will never get an answer to the quest, so it is just messy to keep this story going. But, I guess they will try no matter what!

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