CBS All Access vs Disney Plus

We are six days into the Disney Plus mania which all started on November 12th after its release. It already has more subscribers than most of the streaming services available worldwide, but is it worth giving up your CBS All Access subscription to watch Disney Plus?

I have spent quite a lot of hours in the last six days watching content on Disney Plus. It has been a great ride, and it for sure is a platform packed with goodies. But, they do have a seven day free trial period, and this might serve you very well. Do you know why? There isn’t a lot of original content at the platform yet, meaning that most big-time streamers will get through all the content they are interested in within a day. And when you are done, then there isn’t much worth streaming on the platform, except for the new episodes of High School Musical and The Mandalorian. But, should you pay 6,95 USD per month to get one episode weekly of these shows? Now, that is a good question. And what will happen as the first season of The Mandalorian comes to an end on December 27th? What will you stream then?

Disney+ vs CBS All Access
Disney+ vs CBS All Access

The weaknesses of Disney+

So far, there is a lack of content on Disney+ and that might be the biggest weakness of the platform. Of course, you can stream all your favorite Marvel movies on the platform, and a whole lot of Star Wars movies… and of course, all those beautiful Disney classics. In other words, that is simply amazing for fans. But, if you want to stream new content, then you will quickly get bored with what Disney+ has to offer, and they do not have the big number of new TV shows and movies coming out on a regular basis.

Just like with CBS All Access, only a few lucky people can stream the service online. So far, Disney+ can be streamed in five nations, meaning that most people will have to find other solutions as they try to stream Disney+ abroad. If you want to know how it can be done, make sure to visit

The advantages of Disney+

We all love Disney, and when Disney does something, it is quality. We have seen it with The Mandalorian, and we have seen it on the different movies and other content they have created. They are not like Netflix, making a whole lot of junk, making it a brilliant streaming service for those who are eager to watch good movies and TV shows. The price is also nice, and there are no ads at all. In other words, you pay the same price for an awesome Disney+ catalog without ads, as you do for a monthly CBS All Access subscription (with ads).

Disney+ vs CBS All Access – Conclusion

You better make up your mind yourself, but I would probably go for Disney+. But, I guess most people will go for both.

What will you do? I would love to hear your thoughts and your comments!

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