Can I watch The Morning Show on CBS All Access?

The Morning Show is a TV series from 2019/2020 that premiered in November 2019. Can I stream The Morning Show with Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon on CBS All Access?

If you didn’t know it already, The Morning Show is an awesome show, and maybe especially for people who live outside the United States and who haven’t followed the MeToo movement very well. The series hasn’t received the best critics out there, but still, The Morning Show made me addicted from the first second, and I have enjoyed every single episode I have seen so far!

The Morning Show

But, where can you watch Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Steve Carrell online as they play their important roles in The Morning Show? Can it be done on CBS All Access? The answer to that question is a simple NO! I should probably add, unfortunately!

The reality of The Morning Show streaming

If you didn’t know it already then The Morning Show is an Apple+ original series. Maybe you have heard about Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, but what about Apple+? Is that just someone who misspelled Disney+?

To be honest, Apple+ is just one other service that has joined the streaming war, meaning that CBS All Access got one more competitor as well. And we who complained at the price of our cable subscriptions some years ago? Now we spend way more money on our Amazon Prime, Hulu, CBS All Access, Disney+, Netflix, Apple+, and all those other subscriptions monthly… and besides, we also keep our former cable subscription.

Apple+ is Apple’s way of joining the streaming war, and a very convenient way to get a monthly income. What is better than money coming in on a permanent basis? Netflix thought that way, Amazon did so with Amazon Prime, CBS did so with CBS All Access, and now Apple has done the same with their Apple+. And since The Morning Show is the flagship of the Apple streaming service, just like The Mandalorian is the flagship of Disney+, neither of these series will ever leave the mothership, because if it did, it would actually destroy the actual mothership by doing so.

It doesn’t help you with a VPN subscription, nor will it help you with knowledge on how to access CBS All Access abroad. To stream The Morning Show, you will need an Apple+ subscription.

The Morning Show on

If you want to stream The Morning Show, you need to visit and stream it there. The monthly price is 4,99 USD, but you can try it for free for seven days before you actually need to pay for anything.

What is the math in all of this?

If you have a Hulu subscription (6 USD per month), a Disney+ subscription (7 USD per month), a Netflix subscription (13 USD per month), an Apple+ subscription (5 USD per month), and a CBS All Access subscription (6 USD per month), you are actually paying 37 USD per month for plus streaming services only. And then you haven’t signed up for something like YouTube TV, Hulu Live TV, or Fubo TV, which will give you access to extra sports and so in addition.

Is The Morning Show worth the Apple+ streaming service fee?

Is The Morning Show worth 5 USD per month? Not at all! But it is worth 5 USD for one month, and then you cancel your subscription (just like I canceled my Disney+ subscription as I finished watching The Mandalorian). I know we aren’t supposed to behave in that way, but who said you have to keep your streaming service subscription running all the time? You can stop it, and then renew it, stop it, and renew it all the time. There is a lot of money to save in that way, and it is absolutely legal and recommended.

And once again, once you get started with The Morning Show, you will for sure finish within one month. In fact, if you have the time, you will probably finish the first ten episodes of season 1 within your seven-day free trial period, making it completely free.

Enjoy the show and do not forget to check out all the amazing shows available at CBS All Access as well!

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