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When will Young Sheldon premiere on CBS?

Are you looking forward to Young Sheldon? Would you like to know when you can watch it for the first time? Young Sheldon is a spin-off series from CBS giving us insight in the childhood of our beloved Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory. It will have its premiere in September, and the exact date is September 25th. On that day it will be broadcasted for the first time,… Read More »

Big Bang Theory season 9 is over

The Big Bang Theory is fighting with Game of Thrones about being one of the most popular TV series in the world. Season 9 was just finished and I must admit that it has been a fantastic season. The guys at CBS is doing a fantastic job producing and writing episodes for The Big Bang Theory. I remember as I first watched the Big Bang Theory and I was a… Read More »

Big Bang Premiere tonight on CBS

Tonight, at September 21st, it is time for the CBS premiere of a new season with Big Bang Theory. This fantastic TV series is one of my absolute favorites, so make sure to stay put to your screen to watch it. If you can not watch it on CBS on TV, then you can watch it online later on the CBS website. If you do not know how this works,… Read More »