Big Bang Premiere tonight on CBS

Tonight, at September 21st, it is time for the CBS premiere of a new season with Big Bang Theory. This fantastic TV series is one of my absolute favorites, so make sure to stay put to your screen to watch it. If you can not watch it on CBS on TV, then you can watch it online later on the CBS website. If you do not know how this works,… Read More »

Elementary season 4 to premiere on November 5th

Are you looking forward to the upcoming season of Elementary? The new season, season 4, is to premiere on November 5th. That is when we can follow up on what is going on with our beloved Sherlock and Dr. Joan Watson. We do not know much about the upcoming season yet, but what we do know is that the title of the first episode will be “The Past Is Parent”… Read More »

How to watch CBS from abroad on Android device?

I am trying to download the CBS application to my Android telephone, but I am not allowed because of some geographical restrictions. Will I be able to watch CBS on my Android device from abroad at all? How can it be done? If you are located outside the United States and try to download the CBS application from the Google Play Store you will not be allowed to do so.… Read More »