Platform error code 403 on CBS All Access

I just wanted to watch Big Bang Theory on CBS All Access, but as I pressed the play button I got the platform error code 403 instead. It says: “This content is not available in your location.” What can I do to get rid of the error code 403 on CBS? As I tried to watch The Big Bang Theory on CBS a few minutes ago, I got the following… Read More »

How did you like the first episode of The Young Sheldon?

It has been a while since the pilot episode of The Young Sheldon aired on CBS. Now we are waiting for the second episode to air, and for that, we have to wait until November 3rd. Are you looking forward to it? I watched the first episode of The Young Sheldon on CBS a few days ago. It was quite late in the evening, I was tired, and I had… Read More »

When will Young Sheldon premiere on CBS?

Are you looking forward to Young Sheldon? Would you like to know when you can watch it for the first time? Young Sheldon is a spin-off series from CBS giving us insight in the childhood of our beloved Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory. It will have its premiere in September, and the exact date is September 25th. On that day it will be broadcasted for the first time,… Read More »

Can I watch Hulu Live TV in Windows?

I would like to watch CBS on Hulu, but for that, I need the Live TV subscription. I have read somewhere that this only works on some devices, and not in Windows. Is that so? I do not have an active Hulu Live TV subscription myself at the moment, and the main reason for canceling my subscription, was the fact that the Live TV could only be seen on Chromecast,… Read More »

Now you can stream CBS on Hulu as well!

For a long time it was impossible to watch any CBS series on Hulu. This recently changed, and now you can both record to DVR and watch CBS live on Hulu. With the newly introduced Hulu Live TV you can now get access to more than 50 TV channels live on Hulu. This is the dream of cordcutters, and it means that you can stream Bull, Big Bang Theory and… Read More »

No more The Odd Couple on CBS

One of my favorite comedy series the last years has now come to an end. The Odd Couple did not satisfy CBS with its amount of viewers, and as a result the production of the fourth season has been cancelled. I must admit that I was really sad to hear about this, after all The Odd Couple and The Big Bang Theory are my favorite comedies on CBS at the… Read More »

YouTube TV has now arrived!

YouTube TV has now arrived and the first thing I was offered as I created an account and signed up for YouTube TV was to watch Big Bang Theory. Isn’t that great? With Big Bang Theory a new era in TV watching has arrived. They are making it easy both to watch live streams from all the TV channels available in the package, and in addition you can easily record… Read More »

Soon you can watch CBS on YouTube TV

Would you like to cancel your CBS All Access subscription? Would you like to watch CBS live without a cable subscription? YouTube TV is right around the corner! With YouTube TV right around the corner, you might actually consider cancelling your CBS All Access subscription. Maybe you don’t, but as of now, I actually consider cancelling my subscription in the near future. I will only find out if it is… Read More »

While we wait for the Academy Awards

The time for the Academy Awards is approaching. The waiting period has been shortened by the Grammy Awards and the Golden Globe, but with only 12 days left for the Academy Awards, you better stay prepared. But, what can you do as you wait for the Academy Awards on February 26th? There are loads of TV shows to watch, and one that seems to be really interesting to me is… Read More »

All our CBS favorites are back after a long Christmas holiday!

For TV fans the Christmas holiday can sometimes feel very long. Already in the start of December some of our favorite TV shows wave goodbye, and they only return about one month later. That can be a long wait if you miss Kevin, Bull or maybe your favorite NCIS agents. For the same reason January is a beautiful month. It might be cold outside, it might be snowing, it might… Read More »