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Have a problem related to watching CBS online? Do you have a problem with watching CBS from abroad, on your Android tablet or phone, or maybe on an iOS system or so? Here we will discuss different problems and their solutions!

Platform error code 403 on CBS All Access

I just wanted to watch Big Bang Theory on CBS All Access, but as I pressed the play button I got the platform error code 403 instead. It says: “This content is not available in your location.” What can I do to get rid of the error code 403 on CBS? As I tried to watch The Big Bang Theory on CBS a few minutes ago, I got the following… Read More »

American Payment card needed for CBS All Access

It is not enough to use a VPN if you want to watch CBS All Access from abroad. You will probably stumble already as you try to sign up for CBS All Access. Luckily I have found the way around this stumbling block. Normally it is easy to sign up for services in other countries. The problem is when you get an error because you try to watch the actual… Read More »

How to watch CBS from abroad on Android device?

I am trying to download the CBS application to my Android telephone, but I am not allowed because of some geographical restrictions. Will I be able to watch CBS on my Android device from abroad at all? How can it be done? If you are located outside the United States and try to download the CBS application from the Google Play Store you will not be allowed to do so.… Read More »