Watch CBS and CBS All Access from abroad

Would you like to watch CBS from abroad? Watch CBS All Access from overseas? FInd out how to watch all your favorite CBS shows in the US from abroad. And find out how to pay for CBS All Access without an American Card.

CBS is a broadcast television network, also known by the name Columbia Broadcasting System. They are one of the leading broadcasting networks in the world and they do produce some of the best shows in the world, and some of my big favorites are first aired on CBS.

CBS has a great website and they also have a service called CBS All Access, giving you access to full seasons of their TV programs, meaning that you can easily catch up on episodes you did not watch live and so on. Even without CBS All Access you can gain access to quite a big number of episodes, but for the real fun to start, you better get yourself a subscription to CBS All Access, which is free for the first seven days.

But, what will happen if you visit and try to watch for example an episode of Elementary while located overseas, in Europe?

CBS from abroad

The video you have requested is not available for your geographic region

Do the screenshot above look familiar to you? If you try to watch CBS online from outside the US you will get such error message, because CBS is not really available overseas, it is only meant to be available for people located in the USA. The question is therefore what you can do to get access to CBS All Access and just CBS online from Europe and from Asia, Africa and other continents, because you do not want to loose out on your favorite Big Bang Theory episode, an NCIS episode or maybe a Person of Interest episode?

Watch CBS All Access from abroad

If you want to watch CBS from abroad you should simply do the following. Click the PureVPN button and visit their website and sign up for their services. Download their program/client to your computer, phone or tablet, connect to a server in the USA and you are good to go.PureVPN website

It sounds easy and it really is easy. Just try it, and in less than five minutes you will see that it is working. And, if you are not satisfied they do have a 3 day full refund policy valid if you have used less than 500 MB of bandwidth. I am using this myself to watch CBS in Europe and it is really smooth, so I can warmly recommend it!

And, do not forget that this is a method that can also be used to watch other services such as NBC from abroad, Netflix from abroad, HBO Now from abroad, NOW TV from abroad and so in, meaning that it is a great investment (that do not really cost much, so a great investment, not a big investment).

Have fun watching CBS (All Access) from abroad, and if you have comments or questions, just write!

Watch CBS from abroad

I am watching Bang Theory on CBS from abroad using PureVPN

How to pay for CBS All Access without an American Card?

I had a real tough time actually subscribing to CBS All Acess. They have a very strict policy when it comes to payment methods, meaning that you need to own an American Payment Card registered with an actual address in the USA, and your account needs to be registered on the same address, and I have got a feeling that you need to actually be located with an IP address in that city as well for this to actually work. Sounds hard, doesn’t it? How can you fix it?

There are three solutions as far as I see it.

  • If you have an American Apple ID with a card connected to it, you can use this to subscribe to CBS All Access. But, that is probably hard as you again need an American payment card with your Apple ID. Now comes the easier version.
  • Download the CBS app to your Android phone. You can find it in the American Google Play Store. Use the PureVPN app to get an American IP address. Then enter Settings – Applications – Google Play Store – Storage. Delete data. Now return and open Google Play Store again and download the CBS App. Inside the app you can sign up for CBS All Access, but you can use the payment card used with your Google account, and this doesn’t have to be an American payment card, and thus you can sign up.
  • You can use an American Prepaid Card as described in the following article.

Hope this will work for you. If you have comments or questions, just write a comment!



4 thoughts on “Watch CBS and CBS All Access from abroad

  1. Jorge Martinez

    Is it possible to have a test of cbs All Access in Honduras to be cartain about your promotion? If possible, let me know of an specific time during weekends.

    1. Christine Wilson Post author

      They have a 1 month free trial for CBS All Access at the moment. The discount code is fallaccess. You will still need a VPN in order to get an American IP address which is needed for you to watch CBS from abroad!

  2. Annette Schousboe

    Do you now how to fix it with an iphone? (pay for CBS all access without an American Card)
    I have an American VPN and have downloaded CBS app

    1. Christine Wilson Post author

      At the moment I do not have a payment option for CBS All Access and iPhone, but come back in a few days because I have a method that I will try in a few days from now, just have to wait a bit more before I can actually give it a try… So will write an article then if it works 🙂


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